Elemental Hoping

The yearly championship

Arriving at the kingdom the halflings in the party began to barter away the kabold clutch for random magical items.

Once inside many competitions were occuring. One of which was the battle for the pricess’ hand. That is, if you can beat her champion. This years was very unsettling and dark, striking down his competitor quickly.

A great bathtub race occured with the halflings… the kingdom wishes to not think of this as a competiton.

The greatest magic show was to occur for the king, and the unveiling of a great device. The first of its kind. A doorway to another dimension. A portal to the plans. However, before the demonstration could be completed a draco lich being rode by an undeed spellcaster broke into the hall. In an attempt to save their citizens the king ordered the gate activated. The next thing the party knew they were no longer in the kingdom, but elsewhere.

Few members did stay behind, but we know not of what happened to them.


cepatt3 cepatt3

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