Elemental Hoping

The fire plane... so far

Arriving at the fire plane their ship bursts into flames and crashes. Hiking it to the nearest city they assist two ruling dwarf factions to rectify their differences… one was an evil priest and the other was good enough.

The evil priest succumbed to the party, but as his power wrought blade was sundered a portal to hell opened once again and the party got to see the same from before… but this time no one from the original party remained. The portal was closed by the parties paladin.

As a gift for subduing his evil brother the dwarf king outfits the party’s ship with dwarven heart steel as to resist the planes heat and allow the ship to float in lava. He also tells the party where they might obtain more information on the jewl they need to go home and they learn about the hearts of mountains.

Arriving at the next area they deal with a werewolf. The first mate of the pirate captain who also made his way to the fire plane. He perishes before telling what has happened.

In a nearby cave the party enters at night to only have to deal with the evil spirits within, to include an undeed elemental. Very scary thing indeed.

The solution of the party was to gather all of the street urchines, arm them, and then send them in… to their most uncertain doom… with mere chair legs as clubs and other items…


cepatt3 cepatt3

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