Elemental Hoping

The Air Domain

A short stay in the air domain netted the party a new shipwright. Of course they hand to first crash land in the royal courtyard, have their ship confiscated by the greedy ruler, and retrofitted to be an airship.

Arriving at the air temple they defeat the giants and strike a deal with a dragon. Of course the deal was to sneak her into the kingdom so she can take her revenge on the ruler. Agreed to this the party sneaks her in and she immediately devours the queen. But hey… they got the sky jewl from her.

The kingdom in chaos the party gathers up who remains, picking up some hitchhikers and some invited. During the retreat the sky pirates attack, headed by none other than the pirate captain from the water planes. The sky wolves they called themselves and were first matted by a crew of were wolves.

The party’s sorcerer sacrificed himself to take out a majority of them and the party consults their navigator to get out of the plane…


cepatt3 cepatt3

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