Elemental Hoping

The fire plane... so far

Arriving at the fire plane their ship bursts into flames and crashes. Hiking it to the nearest city they assist two ruling dwarf factions to rectify their differences… one was an evil priest and the other was good enough.

The evil priest succumbed to the party, but as his power wrought blade was sundered a portal to hell opened once again and the party got to see the same from before… but this time no one from the original party remained. The portal was closed by the parties paladin.

As a gift for subduing his evil brother the dwarf king outfits the party’s ship with dwarven heart steel as to resist the planes heat and allow the ship to float in lava. He also tells the party where they might obtain more information on the jewl they need to go home and they learn about the hearts of mountains.

Arriving at the next area they deal with a werewolf. The first mate of the pirate captain who also made his way to the fire plane. He perishes before telling what has happened.

In a nearby cave the party enters at night to only have to deal with the evil spirits within, to include an undeed elemental. Very scary thing indeed.

The solution of the party was to gather all of the street urchines, arm them, and then send them in… to their most uncertain doom… with mere chair legs as clubs and other items…

The Air Domain

A short stay in the air domain netted the party a new shipwright. Of course they hand to first crash land in the royal courtyard, have their ship confiscated by the greedy ruler, and retrofitted to be an airship.

Arriving at the air temple they defeat the giants and strike a deal with a dragon. Of course the deal was to sneak her into the kingdom so she can take her revenge on the ruler. Agreed to this the party sneaks her in and she immediately devours the queen. But hey… they got the sky jewl from her.

The kingdom in chaos the party gathers up who remains, picking up some hitchhikers and some invited. During the retreat the sky pirates attack, headed by none other than the pirate captain from the water planes. The sky wolves they called themselves and were first matted by a crew of were wolves.

The party’s sorcerer sacrificed himself to take out a majority of them and the party consults their navigator to get out of the plane…

The Water Domain

Finding themselves on a pirate ship the party fights for their lives and eventually takes control of the ship. Befriending a friendly navy ship they begin their trip home by heading to the nearest town.

Arriving at the most dangerous ways in the plane the party managed to navigate their ship and do what was never done before. All this while fighting off the returning pirate captain who just wants his ship back, which he rightfully stole in the first place. Being recognized by the royalty they are graced with magical amulates that grant some special water related abilities. Then they are told where they can go to obtain a powerful jewl that may lead them home.

Arriving at the water temple they send in some scouts who manage to only get themselves killed by a few water elementals. The remaining party manages to overpower the area and take the jewel for themselves.

Recruiting a navigator in town who has a compass that points to raw power needed to activate the planar gate, the party heads off. After some small quarrels they find themselves blinded by a light and the gate activating.

The yearly championship

Arriving at the kingdom the halflings in the party began to barter away the kabold clutch for random magical items.

Once inside many competitions were occuring. One of which was the battle for the pricess’ hand. That is, if you can beat her champion. This years was very unsettling and dark, striking down his competitor quickly.

A great bathtub race occured with the halflings… the kingdom wishes to not think of this as a competiton.

The greatest magic show was to occur for the king, and the unveiling of a great device. The first of its kind. A doorway to another dimension. A portal to the plans. However, before the demonstration could be completed a draco lich being rode by an undeed spellcaster broke into the hall. In an attempt to save their citizens the king ordered the gate activated. The next thing the party knew they were no longer in the kingdom, but elsewhere.

Few members did stay behind, but we know not of what happened to them.

The first days
In the beginning our group meet at a small village with a a visiting circus.

They first went off and took care of some kabolds. Their priest escaped their grasp, but the loot was great and an entire clutch of kabold eggs was brought back.

While celebrating at the inn a portal to hell opened and those present got to witness a great fight between a demon and a paladin. The portal was closed, but not before a patron charged in to help… the leader of the little riders.


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