Elemental Hoping

The Water Domain

Finding themselves on a pirate ship the party fights for their lives and eventually takes control of the ship. Befriending a friendly navy ship they begin their trip home by heading to the nearest town.

Arriving at the most dangerous ways in the plane the party managed to navigate their ship and do what was never done before. All this while fighting off the returning pirate captain who just wants his ship back, which he rightfully stole in the first place. Being recognized by the royalty they are graced with magical amulates that grant some special water related abilities. Then they are told where they can go to obtain a powerful jewl that may lead them home.

Arriving at the water temple they send in some scouts who manage to only get themselves killed by a few water elementals. The remaining party manages to overpower the area and take the jewel for themselves.

Recruiting a navigator in town who has a compass that points to raw power needed to activate the planar gate, the party heads off. After some small quarrels they find themselves blinded by a light and the gate activating.


cepatt3 cepatt3

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